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Stunning Yamaha Fortuna Race Decal Set 2004

Yamaha Fortuna Race Decal Set 2004

Complete Yamaha Fortuna Race Decal Kit 2004 comprising of

1 x Yamaha
1 x Motul
1 x Fortuna
1 x 7

2 x Michelin Man
2 x YZR M1
2 x Fortuna
2 x Yamaha
2 x Motul
2 x Michelin
2 x Magneti Marelli
2 x NEC
2 x 2D
2 x Brembo
2 x D.I.D
2 x NGK

2 x Stripes
1 x Fortuna

1 x Yamaha
2 x Fortuna
1 x Fortuna
2 x 7

When you choose a redueced size the entire kit is shrunk to that size so if for example a decal was 10 inches long when you choose 80% it will be 8 inches long -

Yamaha Fortuna Race Decal Set 2004    Quantity: Choose at Checkout   Price:  US$ 75   

All of our decals can be clear coated BUT will all have an excellent life if they are not

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