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On this website you can buy, sell, exchange , barter or trade items, freely, in large or small quantities without any charges or fees. was set up to offer everyone totally free classified advertising for both private people and commercial enterprises. We do not "vet" your adverts, you have full control over what you advertise and only you can change or delete an advert with your own unique username and password. Please ensure you leave an email address or telephone number with your advert along with your Country to make it easier for potential buyers.

So far we have sold, cars, computers, art, trucks, paintings, property, antiques, furniture, hifi, music, DVDs, camcorders, boats, software, games, macintosh computers, monitors, kitchen and bedroom furniture, pets, baby clothes, adults clothes, motor spares, holidays, TV and Satellite systems and more.

We have also promoted many services such as dating agencies, property rentals, timeshare, helplines, accounting services to name a few.

Please remove an item once it has sold, any problems please email us.

At present we are ranked in the top 10 of all major search engines when searching for free classified adverts.

This is a good reason to advertise with us, apart from the fact we are totally free to all users

Changes regarding the search and "place an advert" sections will include a category section which has been asked for a number of times.