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Sorbead India - Global Supplier Of Various Mesh Size Silica Gel Silica Gel is widely known as one of the most effective adsorbents in the market, which can successfully absorb all the excess moisture present in the atmosphere. Silica Gel is available in beads, balls and granular form. They are placed along side packed products meant for transportation in order to ensure that the moisture present in the closed spaces does not cause physical as well as chemical changes to the packed goods. Silica Gel is categorized based on its mesh size. Mesh size refers to its particle size. This is defined as the pore size of the Silica Gel desiccant. It indicates the size of the vapour molecules, which are allowed to pass through the desiccant. For each mesh size, particles larger than the given size will be absorbed and only the smaller particles will move forward. Depending on the use, Silica Gel is divided into various mesh size. These include Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh, 70-230 Mesh, 200-400 Mesh among others. Sorbead India is one of the main Silica Gel 70-230 Mesh suppliers in the country. The company is also known as an important Silica Gel 200-400 Mesh supplier. Another mesh size being supplied by the company is Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh. For efficient delivery of Silica Gel of various mesh sizes, Sorbead India is the company you can always rely on. If anyone interested in our product then visit our website or contact us Website : Mobile No: +91 7567688877 For Sales Inquiries :
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