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Sorbead India - Supplier of Chromatography Adsorbents Sorbead India provides range of high purity chromatography adsorbents in the form of silica gel and aluminum oxide powder which is used for chromatographic separations of the different compounds to get the pure end product. Our main aim is to manufacture the adsorbents that work effectively in the complex compounds separations. We offer such products at the most competitive prices. The most common use of such adsorbents is performed in research laboratories where range of simple or complex compounds need to be mixed or separated to produce highly pure drugs and medicines. Features of Chromatography Adsorbents: 1.High resolution 2.Cost-effective way of chromatographic separations 3.Excellent flow rate of compounds 4.Low functional pressure 5.Simple packaging procedure Chromatography adsorbents are used to adsorb and separate the mixture of substances which are available in small amounts. It is widely used to purify the compound when it is mixed with different components having nearly similar physical and chemical properties. Such type of components cannot be adsorbed or separated perfectly with any other kind of adsorbent. It works by distributing the mixture of components in two phases – fixed and mobile. Here, the stationary i.e. the fixed phase can be the column of adsorbent, paper or a thin layer of adsorbing material on a glass plate, where unwanted compounds get adsorbed whereas the compounds which are used on mobile phase get easily pass through. This way, it helps in producing pure liquids and gases. If anyone interested in our product then visit our website or contact us Website: Mobile No: +91 7567688877 For Sales Inquiries:
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