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Explore A Career With Company Of Opportunity Intake Interview For Aegis-BPO For The Role Of Customer Care Executive (Domestic Process) Candidate Should Have Excellent Communication Skills In English. Candidate Having Experience 0-2 Years Can Apply. Salary 6-9k + Incentives + Bonus Your Next Career Would Be A Just Few Clicks Away To Apply Send Your Resume To Posted Id: - az55201pdp.
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Use Silica Gel Dehumidifier for Effective Moisture Control The main function of Silica Gel desiccant is to maintain proper moisture levels in the environment. Silica Gel is known to have a great affinity for vapour molecules and can take in up to 40% of its weight in water. Another beneficial property of Silica Gel desiccant is that it has a large surface area, which translates into more vapour molecules being absorbed over more area. These properties of Silica Gel make it the ideal choice for dehumidifiers, which are mainly used to control the moisture levels in the atmosphere. Dehumidifiers find great in households and office premises to ensure that the correct humidity levels are maintained. Dehumidifiers also find use in gun safes, marine and RV applications in keeping the environmental moisture at the desired levels. The Silica Gel used in the dehumidifiers are available in small beads or granular form and these prove very helpful in the functioning of the dehumidifier. Besides this, the major benefit of using Silica Gel in dehumidifiers is that it can be reactivated by the simple process of heating. Once it is reactivated/regenerated, the Silica Gel can be used once again in the dehumidifier for absorbing the excess moisture present in the surroundings. Applications: Silica gel dehumidification process Water and moisture drying Breather transformer applications Chemical adsorption process Features: Indicating and Non-indicating type No chemical reaction Odorless Food grade and Pharma grade Non-Toxic and DMF Free
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