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Wholesale Brand New, Original and Factory unlocked Apple iphone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S3, iphone 5, Blackberry phones, HTC phones, Nokia phones, Sony Ericsson phones, Motorola phones, LG phones,etc. Skype: phonewholesalestore Samsung Galaxy S4: Nokia Lumia 920: HTC One: Samsung Galaxy S3: Apple iphone 5: Web: Skype: phonewholesalestore
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Silica gel adsorbents for thin layer, flash and column chromatography The different types of adsorbents are used in Chromatography process which is used based on the type of mixture need to be separated. They are silica gel, aluminum oxide, silica gel for thin layer, flash and column chromatography. It is required to choose the perfect adsorbent based on the mixture of components as well as the type of application. Chromatography adsorbents are commonly used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The most common use of such adsorbents is performed in research laboratories where range of simple or complex compounds need to be mixed or separated to produce highly pure drugs and medicines. Features of Chromatography Adsorbents: 1. High resolution 2. Cost-effective way of chromatographic separations 3. Excellent flow rate of compounds 4. Low functional pressure 5. Simple packaging procedure If anyone interested in our product then visit our website or contact us Website : Mobile No: +91 7567688877 For Sales Inquiries :
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