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Electronic cigarettes in India Millions of smokers each year are looking to quit smoking or at least find a healthier alternative to their cigarette smoking habit. Well! Here is something that can help you. The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, has been developed using an ingenious blend of technology and styling: it looks, feels and works like an actual cigarette! An e-cigarette is a tobacco-free electronic cigarette-shaped device that gives you the option of alternative smoking. Made of three parts – cartridge, battery and atomizer, you can enjoy your favorite pastime anywhere, while ensuring nobody else's life is at risk due to no passive smoking risk. So this is an offer that you should definitely not miss. Electronic cigarettes can provide the same physical sensations as the traditional tobacco-based product but without the tar and without the odor! You will receive all the benefits of not smoking - you will NOT inhale over 4000 poisonous substances and harmful chemicals produced by traditional cigarettes. Vaperscircle provides you the best e-cigarettes / electronic cigarette, smokeless cigarettes, e-liquids, e cig battery, ego batteries; vapers circle e liquid in best and cheap price. We provide e-cigarettes all over India Advantages of E-Cigarette: • No lighter required! • A red LED light on the end of the cigarette lights the tip when you take a drag, and looks just like the burn of a real cigarette! • A rechargeable lithium battery powers your e-cigarette. It is easily rechargeable • Both the airflow sensor and the Smart Chip are the "brains" behind the contraption, delivering the fine, smoke-like water vapor when it senses pressure • The vaporizer and the nicotine cartridge combine to deliver the smoke-like water vapor that evaporates into the air within seconds. The vaporizer is the heating element that turns the liquid solution in the refill cartridge into vapor • You can use the product as is (without any nicotine), or add nicotine as needed Visit: Address: Vapers Circle India Flat # 303 , 2nd Floor , Mount Raghava Apartments , Near Model House , Dwarakapuri Colony , Panjagutta , Hyderabad-500082 info@ Ph: 9963906789
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The light will be automatically turned off when your bike / car stops & automatically turns on when it’s running. Water proof & Comes in assorted colors. Order us minimum 5 packs and get a 3% discount. To order contact on 96622 88752 and you can also visit (VISION0366)
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